Modern Posters: A Personal Art Form

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Posters are an indispensable art form that attracts artists of every genre and skill level. Posters are used for various reasons including marketing products, to make political statements, to make announcements and even to simply serve as visual displays.

The art of modern poster-making dates back to the year 1870 with the advent of lithography, chromolithography and mass production. This gave rise to poster art in Paris in the 1890s, where art galleries on the street became hugely popular. Some of the Art Posters made during that time featured styles such as Cubism and Art Deco.

Advertising Posters

Modern day poster making utilizes special printing techniques and software. After a poster is printed, usually on A3 Silk Paper, it is usually rolled up and put into a tube in order to prevent damage. Most posters that are generated today are usually for propaganda or political purposes, for advertising movies, sporting games or events and for personal use.

Personalized Posters

Posters that display political agendas are quite popular during war times, especially when there is a need to recruit soldiers. For example, the Uncle Sam Wants You posters from the United States were a common sight during both world wars.

When the film industry discovered advertising through posters, movie sales jumped exorbitantly. They continue to be used today and are often found posted in malls, movie theatres, billboards etc. Advertising sporting or musical events through posters is also common practice. Many fans usually collect posters of their favorite sports heroes and musicians.

PosterOften people choose to create their own personalized posters. If there is a scenic photograph that you captured on your last vacation and you want to display it in a creative manner, what better way to do so than to create a custom photo poster? If you are stuck with gifting ideas, then a calendar poster is a functional and perfect gift. Collage posters are great if you want to memorialize photos from a special time in your life such as your wedding or your child’s first birthday. Such creative ideas can be transformed into works of art by service providers such as Vistaprint and Print Runner.

Vistaprint is a multinational, online service provider of printing products. It started off as a small company in France and became a giant ecommerce company. Their product range includes business cards, personalized stationery, embroidered clothing, photo gifts, calendars and even invitations to name a few. Some of their top selling products include Postcards, Calendars, Return Address Labels, Brochures and Thank You Cards. At Vistaprint, you can customize your products to suit your needs, whether it is for business or personal use. Customers can also sign up on their website and avail exclusive offers. Users of Vistaprint’s services rate a high level of customer support and satisfaction. They are very serious about making an impression!


PrintRunner is another reputable online printing service. They specialize in a wide range of products such as bookmarks, brochures, flyers, letterheads, posters etc. Some of their most popular items include Greeting Cards, Stickers, Postcards and Catalogs. This company began ten years ago and has since then grown into a multimillion dollar enterprise. PrintRunner prides itself in providing high quality products at affordable prices.

PrintRunnerTheir user friendly website enables customers to design their own product and submit it online. Professionals at PrintRunner will then produce and deliver the product to you in a timely manner. Even if you are unsure about which product design to choose, they also offer the option of sending you samples. Customers enjoy shopping here & always approach the online service for its creative & satisfactory printing services.

By using Professional Printing Services, customers have the opportunity to customize their posters with a variety of features. The finished product makes an excellent gift but also a treasured keepsake. From its use as a piece of art to promoting sales to displaying personal memories, the art of poster making is alive and thriving.