The Treasure of Time and Life

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

As rightly said by our friends over at, we as humans have always wanted to capture and preserve the nature around us, freeze time and capture memories so we could relive the good days, show our accomplishments to world and in general have something to help us remember the fine, sweet and bittersweet moments of our life. We want to preserve forever the memories of our life so we can reminisce back to bygone days. This led to the inventing of photos and photography.

Child Photographer

Photos are a record of our happy moments, sad moments, proud moments and the moments in our life that we hold so dear to us. One day our memories of the bygone days will fade and when we want to remember them we will find ourselves looking at the photos feeling nostalgic about the time gone remembering it with a smile for that what photos are they are sweet, captured moments stolen from time and reverently preserved as the treasures of the future. Read the full post here.