Your Memories Deserves The Best!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

There aren’t many gifts that are as personal, thoughtful and unique as a photograph. These can become truly memorable keepsakes that can give you (or the person you gift them to) year after year of pleasure. Since the onslaught of digital photography, it has become easier than ever to gift photos in a unique way. Photo products such as photo books, calendars, mugs, cards and stationery can easily be printed at your local mall and sometimes it is even available for pickup or delivery within hours.

PhotographsPersonalized photo gifts hold a lot of meaning for family and friends, especially those who live far away. How about maybe a lovely photo canvas featuring the whole family for the grandparents who live in another city? Or maybe a photo mug with the kid’s pictures on it for a father away on a foreign mission? If these seem too big and bulky, then there are plenty of options available for $20 or less for the more frugal gift-giver among us. These include photo puzzles, key chains, photo blankets, wall decor, photo teddy bears, photo crystals and more. So whether you want a more romantic gift or something practical and useful, you will always find an option for the perfect photo gift.

It is important to take photos of every important event in your life. Similarly, don’t forget to document all the milestones of your children’s or pet’s life, after all this is how great memories are made. And it is these pictures that remind you of all the loving memories even when far away. So whether it is a photo book, calendar, poster or canvas, invest in a thoughtful photo gift to take yourself or your loved ones back to all the great times had. Seriously, who can resist filling their house with photographs and memories of their loved ones?

CollageYes, photo gifts can be expensive but that is only if you don’t know where to shop! Many businesses these days are committed to producing high quality photos and photo products while keeping costs low. Shutterfly and Snapfish are two of such businesses, but more on them later. Just remember that quality and cost aren’t directly correlated and it isn’t necessary for a high quality product to be expensive as well!

These websites provide you with a huge range of options. Have we mentioned fleece blankets? Yep, you can get exactly that with your pictures printed on them, so you or a loved one can always have an on-demand hug by family and friends. These printed blankets can be great companions through lonely winters.

Photo FramesThe best part about these printing services is that they are just that, i.e. they print whatever you give to them. So just take your home camera pictures, or better yet upload them, and order your favorite photo product online. Yep, many of these businesses have websites that give users the facility to upload their pictures or even import them from Facebook and Instagram. Crop or enlarge them depending on their placement on the product, personalize to your heart’s desire and place the order. It couldn’t be simpler, really.

Photo printing services range from affordable to downright cheap. When you find a few services that suit your budget, the quality of their products should be the deciding factor for purchasing. And when it comes to creating high-quality, highly-personalized gifts, our favorites are:

This is the absolutely number one online photo service (their website says so!). And since it is a division of HP, you can believe that they have the world’s finest printing technologies at their disposal. The service boasts of more than 90 million members in over 20 countries and 2 billion unique photos stored with them online.


Snapfish is well-loved because it provides safe, unlimited online photo sharing & storage so you can store photos with them even when you don’t want them printed just now. And the price is amazing because you can get quality prints for as little as 9¢ each.

There isn’t a dearth of photo products either as you can choose from more than 100 customizable photo gifts. These include everything from quality photo books and posters to mugs, key chains and jewelry. On the Snapfish website, there are free online photo editing tools that give you the ability to upload photos directly from your mobile phone.

This service is different! This is because they claim they have never deleted a photo uploaded onto their systems ever! And they one-up their competition by not only providing storage services but also free photo sharing services. So you can get the opinions of your family and loved ones before finally deciding on a picture product. The Shutterfly service provides you with an email link that can be emailed to your friends. Once they click on this link they are instantly taken to a slideshow of your pictures.


Shutterfly also helps improve your prints for free with more than 400 bright, cheerful and seasonal borders. You can also add personalized captions or messages on the back of your picture prints.